1946 BUICK

Buick started its post-War production with a leg up over its competitors. Fortunately for Buick, it had completely redesigned the 1942 Buick. This meant that their design was still relatively fresh. Most of the other manufacturers, whose designs in 1942 were starting to look tired, were forced to use those same old designs for a couple more years while their design teams were hard at work on their first new post-War designs. Buick trimmed back the number of models available: there were no Century's or Limited's in 1946. Buick introduced their "gunsight" hood ornament in 1946. Engines for the 1946 Buick were a 248.0 cid inline overhead valve 8 for the Supers and Specials, and a 320.2 cid inline overhead valve 8 for the Roadmasters.

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